GK is a global innovation consultancy specialized in Advanced Mobile Services Design, Development and Distribution.
Ana Toma,
Independent consultant mobile ecosystems, former Ecosystem Developer Manager at Nokia Romania

Online Services Development & Distribution

Offers evolve. GK ensure a multi-screen services distribution strategy and development, using mobile device capabilties.
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Our value proposition includes a 360 degrees approach covering:

    Anticipate and ensure an optimised product & services position in the digital world.
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    Scalability & flexibility in the development with a dedicated infrastructure, is the way GK can ensure your product & services future distribution.
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    Optimised online distribution is ensuring having the right synergy between actors. Partnerships & social media interaction are some key aspects of how GK can help your products and services to reach new segmented audiences & markets.
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    Increasing user engagement and Business Value Chain position for your products and services are the ultimate goals of GK for any partner & customer we work with.
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